Tuesday 10 January 2012

Mahjung got adopted

On 18th December 2011, Mahjung finally found a new home with Mr Chuah. He is a reporter from a local Chinese Newspaper and he got to know Mahjung during an interview in Muda House. Mr Chuah has always wanted to adopt a dog for his daughter and Mahjung needs a home with a compound to run around.

I felt very happy and yet a bit sad for Mahjung to depart from us. I am used to feed her everyday, no matter how busy I am. Mahjung is a very nice girl and she never made any noise despite being tied up when I am away or fed her late evening. All she needs was just my attention and play with her occasionally.

I will visit her to make sure the family is going well with her as the family have no experience with a dog before. I am sure Mahjung will bring tremendous joy to the Chuah family.

Terracotta and Ceramic Air Vents

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year.

Attached are some design of air vents that we are promoting in Muda House.

I have just hand carried back some handmade terracotta and ceramic lotus design airvents. If you are free, please drop by Muda House to view the real samples.

Green ceramic air vents come in 2 sizes with 1' x 1' and 8" x 8".
Terracotta airvents  only one size of 8" x  8".