Monday 5 September 2011

Thank You Note

Thank you to John and Veronica from Melbourne who donated RM500 cash to help the dogs in the shelter infected with distemper virus. Their kindness and love towards the dogs are highly appreciated. Thank you for her lovely and encouraging words for our animal charity works.

Distemper Virus Attack in one of the shelter

In one of the shelter, a few dogs were infected with distemper virus. We are worried that the whole cannal will be infected one by one. 

The following are a list of things needed to help the shelter and its infected dogs:
1) Clorox and Lysol to disinfect the cannal
2) AD meal
3) Iberet iron tablet (from pharmacy)
4) 100 plus
5) Multi-vitamins
6) Chicken/Fish Essence
7) DMG (from vet)

April has experience that distemper virus can be cured provided correct antibiotics are given at the early stage. Dr Joshua is willing to treat as he has done research on distemper virus. 

Dogs infected with this virus need to take lots f nutrition food, vitamins and strong iron tablet daily. 

These are the tips (crunch all the tablets and mix with food, add some honey or sugar or glucose to cover the bitter taste in daily feeding)

1) Feed lots of meat while dogs are still eating. Don't let the dog lose its appetite. If not eating well, force feed with AD meal.
2) Pork and chicken liver are good to produce red blood cell to fight against virus.
3) Provide half boil egg with cheese and I bottle of chicken or fish essence. (if serious, 2 bottles a day)
4) Iberet iron tablet
5) Multivitamins & B complex
6) 100 plus
7) DMG - increase immune system.

I day I spay

Dear Dog and Cat Lovers

Please find time to visit MUDA HOUSE to support our good cause to help the stray dogs and cats. All the handicraft and painting sales profit fully goes to the animal's charity.

Muda House is promoting Kuen Stephanie's painting in September Art Trail Exhibition. Her art explores the rich textures of the multi-ethnic Malaysia that she grew up in.  She is particularly interested in the rural facets of Malaysian life. Bold, vibrant colours capture the bedrock of family, friends and relationship that are the nostalgic memories if Malaysia's early years.

Profits4Paws led by April Sham will work along with MDDS Penang and other independent rescuers to kick start the project,  "Spaying Action Plan - I DAY I SPAY".  Profits4Paws is now stationed in MUDA HOUSE @ 8 Muda Lane, 102000, Georgetown, Penang.

We are short of volunteer crew to kick start the project, "Spaying Action Plan - 1 DAY 1 SPAY" . If you wish to contribute towards this meaningful cause, in terms of monetary or manpower, kindly contact April at 012-4708308 or email to &


Tuesday 9 August 2011

Kuen Stephanie's Painting Exhibition in September

Muda House is promoting Kuen Stephanie's painting in September Art Trail Exhibition. The Penang chapter of 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (MCAT), "Sparkles in Penang" (SIP) features thirteen offerings of contemporary art  exhibitions in ten different venues throughout September 2010. These venues have been known as amongst the prime movers of contemporary art exhibitions and activities in Penang. The biggest offering is called "Contemporary Art Campus," a major exposition of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Fine Art Collection at several locations in USM main campus. Other major exhibitions include Penang International Print Exhibition (PIPE) at the Penang State Art Gallery and several other locations in USM and Georgetown.

Kuen Stephanie (1967) graduated in Commercial Art, M.I.A. in 1987. Venture into fine art painting (oils and acyrlic medium) in the year 2000. Her art explores the rich textures of the multi-ethnic Malaysia that she grew up in. She is particularly interested in rural facets of Malaysian life. Bold, vibrant colours capture the bedrock of family, friends and relationship that are the nostalgic memories of Malaysia's early years.

"SIP" is jointly organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia Penang, Muzium Galeri Tuanku Fauziah and the School of the Arts, USM. It is supported by 9 major galleries in Penang.

Participating Artists:
Kuen Stephanie at Muda House
Hasnul J Saidon
Nur Hanim Khairuddin
Masnoor Ramli
Fadly Sabran
Tengku Azhari
Rini Fauzan
Kamal Sabran

Monday 18 July 2011

Georgetown Festival, July 2011 on Youtube

Please click on link and enjoy this youtube video documenting the 3 days of celebration of Georgetown Festival 2011 from July 7th to 9th, 2011.

Spaying Action Plan (SAP)

17th. July 2011, SPAYING ACTION PLAN (SAP). The meeting was held at Muda House. It was the first time Penang's independent animal rescuers have sat down together to discuss how to best work together to implement SAP. Some people were unable to attend due to prior commitments, eg. busy feeding dogs. We hope to have everyone available for the next meeting. 
Thank you to all those who attended. The meeting was very productive and a great first step  toward solving the stray animal problem in Penang.

Monday 4 July 2011

Reminder: Come and visit Muda House during the Georgetown Heritage Celebrations

Please remember to drop by Muda House on July 7 and July 9 (this Thursday and Sat) and enjoy the "Open House" Program of the Georgetown World Heritage Site celebrations.

Monday 27 June 2011

Heritage House Restoration - The Making of 14 Halaman Seh Tah

Please click to watch the video that documents how 14 Halaman Seh Tan restoration work progress.
Restoration In Progress Photos 

Profits4Paws - Veronica's Speech in Speaker Square

Love your neighbours, Care for Our Dogs
Please click the link below to watch the video:

Uncle Lee - the oldest person in Muda Lane, Penang Traditional Joss Stick Maker.

One fine afternoon, Uncle Lee approached me to take a photo together for his memories. I could see he was very proud and happy that I have appreciated his gift very much, The gifts were two very beautiful and meaningful Chinese stick couplets attached to both sides of the door on the main facade and a Chinese couplet signboard above the main door. 

Uncle Lee is a great man. He is the oldest man in Muda Lane. He spent all his life making handmade joss stick from sandalwood imported from India and Australia.  A documentary was produced by Astro Channel 551 on August 29th. 2009, featuring Mr Lee and his vanishing craftmanship on making joss sticks. Not many are keen to pick up this traditional craftmanship as their livelihood because the returns are not attractive. For Mr Lee "his work doesn't bring him fame or financial promise. To him, it is a way of living. Mr Lee is highly regarded,  "a heritage and a legacy" explained the director. He does not rely on this trade to earn a living anymore but more to exhibit skills to visitors and to keep the tradition alive. His desire (together with his wife) for the meantime is to continue making joss stocks as long as time permit.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Muda House Joins in the Georgetown World Heritage Site Celebration

Muda House is proud to be part of the Georgetown World Heritage Site festivities. On the official days of 7th July and 9th July, 2011, we will be part of the OPEN HOUSE Program. Please do drop by and learn more about the restoration of heritage houses and see how Muda House is transformed to its glory.
Please click on this link for more information:

Friday 17 June 2011

Press Invitation

Dear Mr / Madam Editor, Bureau Chief, Friends


This  Sunday, 19 June 2011, 6p.m. (SHARP)  we have invited the following Persons / Groups to speak & perform:-
1)  Sue Yeap (Secretary of Persatuan Agiliti Anjing Pulau Pinang)
2) Veronica Greer & John Hanna of Profits 4 Paws @ MUDA    House (Re:    Ms. April Sham).
3)   Mrs. Noreen Lim of Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS).

We would appreciate it if you could join us for this event. And kindly bring your children along too.

At Speakers’ Square we wish to promote  Love, Peace, Hope & Desire.

And to Develop People & Strengthen Unity.

Thank you.


 André Loh Yu Hsiong           )

17 June2011

Let Us Help and Watch Over One Another
Recently there has been some disquiet among us over the treatment of dogs and other animals. And about the negative consequences some unattended dogs have had on our neighbours.
Dogs are regarded as our companions. Yet many dog owners do not understand the needs of dogs. And many wonder why certain people are very much attached to dogs or to other animals, like cats, birds and other pets.
This Sunday we will have some people tell us more about dogs and how much dogs have become part of their lives.
All of us are very much connected in one way or other.
Thank you. And do join us.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Few More Pups Got Adopted

Kumar will adopt Mahjung. He fell in love with her when he met Mahjung, a lovely playful girl.

Mr Eesa came back together with his wife the next day. Mrs Eesa adopted another puppy from us.

On 14th June, 2011 Mr Goh adopted 2 male puppies to help guard the temple in Balik Palau.

Fun Picture of the Day

Forest, a dog that live in a heritage shophouse in Muntri Street Cafe (a 'Heritage' dog) taking a trishaw ride.

Driver/Dog Owner said "Forest, we will get famous soon".

Three Pups Got Adopted

Received a phone call from a student called Alexander Dick Yeap who study in Hutching School and he offered to adopt a puppy from us. He turned up together with his family in  Muda House on 10th. June 2011 and adopted 2 puppies instead. Dick has already thought of two names for the pups,  Elsie -Female and Alphonso - Male. What a lovely boy! Shanti, Mother Dog felt sad for her children been taken away and she jumped into Dick's car. Dick promised to love these 2 pups and spay Elsie.

11th.June, 2011, Mr Eesa came to our opposite neighbour which is a hotel for some repairing work and he saw the pups. On the same day he adopted one pup. He was in a rush so we did not chat much. Shanti said Good bye to her pup. 

Guang Ming Article on Muda House, 10th June, 2011

Monday 13 June 2011

Profits4Paws Blog and Facebook

If you are interested in following or  in more detailed information on Profits4Paws, please find a new blog and facebook page have been set up to create more interests in this important charitable function.

Natural Origin Hand Made Soap

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No Toxic Petrochemicals
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Jimmy's Photo Shooting of Muda House

These pictures were taken by Jimmy when visiting Muda House last Sunday, 5th. June. He has developed his photo shooting hobby years ago and occasionally, he won quite a number of prizes during various photo shooting competition.