Monday 5 September 2011

Distemper Virus Attack in one of the shelter

In one of the shelter, a few dogs were infected with distemper virus. We are worried that the whole cannal will be infected one by one. 

The following are a list of things needed to help the shelter and its infected dogs:
1) Clorox and Lysol to disinfect the cannal
2) AD meal
3) Iberet iron tablet (from pharmacy)
4) 100 plus
5) Multi-vitamins
6) Chicken/Fish Essence
7) DMG (from vet)

April has experience that distemper virus can be cured provided correct antibiotics are given at the early stage. Dr Joshua is willing to treat as he has done research on distemper virus. 

Dogs infected with this virus need to take lots f nutrition food, vitamins and strong iron tablet daily. 

These are the tips (crunch all the tablets and mix with food, add some honey or sugar or glucose to cover the bitter taste in daily feeding)

1) Feed lots of meat while dogs are still eating. Don't let the dog lose its appetite. If not eating well, force feed with AD meal.
2) Pork and chicken liver are good to produce red blood cell to fight against virus.
3) Provide half boil egg with cheese and I bottle of chicken or fish essence. (if serious, 2 bottles a day)
4) Iberet iron tablet
5) Multivitamins & B complex
6) 100 plus
7) DMG - increase immune system.

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