Monday 27 June 2011

Profits4Paws - Veronica's Speech in Speaker Square

Love your neighbours, Care for Our Dogs
Please click the link below to watch the video:


  1. Hi in Selangor here there are vast expanses of jungle. This is where i hope to put stray dogs. Set them free from overcrowded places.Give them their natural dignity and not have to beg from humans. Their ultimate freedom. Catch old dying birds for food as natural scavengers. What do u think?
    However if u all want to keep them in the cities, u can collect leftovers from restaurants which throw out food by the TONS per year. Everyday closing time they throw out food. Why not collect this , wash off/rinse out the ajinomoto....which causes hair loss in all living beings...
    This is the best way to incorporate dogs into human society. To establish their ecological niche to fit into our society.
    Comments and reply please? What do u think at Penang?